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Recruitment FAQ

Recruitment FAQ

Q: What is recruitment?

A: Sorority recruitment consists of four separate rounds: Open House, Sisterhood, Philanthropy, and Preference. These four rounds are supposed to give potential new members the inside scoop on each of the chapters at their school and allow them to make the best decision for themselves during the final round, Preference. Open House is an informal round with 5-minute conversations with multiple members of the sorority. Sisterhood has longer conversations, around 10-15 minutes, followed by a video. Philanthropy Round has about 30 minute conversations with a house tour and introduction to the chapter's philanthropy causes. Finally, Preference is the most emotional night for all those involved, potential new members and current members. Recruitment ends with Bid Day, in which the chapter welcomes their new members.

Q: When does recruitment occur?

A: At Penn, we have what is known as Spring Recruitment, meaning freshmen cannot begin the recruiting process until their second semester. This is beneficial for students to get acquainted with Penn's academic environment as well as meeting students who may not necessarily be involved in Greek life. Spring Recruitment is the first week back from Winter Break.

Q: What is a Potential New Member (PNM)?

A: A PNM is someone who is currently going through recruitment.

Q: Where can I register for recruitment?

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