Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Q: Will my daughter be able to focus on her schoolwork?

A: The answer is yes! At Penn, there is a GPA requirement of 2.5 to be eligible to be a member of Greek Life. In Sigma Kappa, we hold weekly study hours that any sister can attend to do work while hanging out with their sisters. It's also nice to be in a large organization with diverse interests and majors, so it's always possible to find a study buddy or even an upperclassman who has previously taken a course your daughter is currently in.

Q: How much of a time commitment is Sigma Kappa/Greek Life? 

A: What we tell girls during recruitment is that Sigma Kappa is what you make of it: If you want to be heavily involved, whether that be by being on executive council or by being an officer, you certainly can, but if you also want to focus on outside endeavors that's possible too! Many girls within our chapter are involved in multiple clubs and/or extracurriculars on campus, but we still find some time to hang out with our sisters!

Q: What are the financial responsibilities?

A: Sigma Kappa is a not-for-profit corporation and relies on the national fees from its members to finance yearly operating expenses and chapter services. You can read more about those fees on our national website. There are also scholarship options available for girls who may need them. For example, Penn Panhellenic recently awarded ~$12,000 to members of the Panhellenic community. If girls would like to be put on a payment plan, they should talk to our Vice President of Finance, Julia Dunn at